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Rohypnol is Hoffman-LaRoche's registered trade name for flunitrazepam, a benzodiazepine agonist which is illegal in the U.S. In other countries Rohypnol is used to treat severe sleep disorders and serious psychiatric disorders. Rohypnol is known as the "date-rape drug" because of its disinhibiting effect, especially when combined with even a moderate amount of alcohol. It is often added to young people's drinks without their knowledge at dance clubs, bars or parties.

Slowing of psychomotor performance, sedation, amnesia, muscle relaxation, restlessness, agitation and aggressiveness. Use may also lead to physical and psychic dependence.

Common Street Names
Rophies, R2's, Mexican Valium, Rib, Rope, Roach.

Legal Status
Rohypnol is currently listed as a Schedule IV drug. The DEA is considering placing it in Schedule I because of increased availability in the U.S. and increasing abuse.

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