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Drug Effects

General Reference
Drugs and the Brain (with photos)
Drug Calculator - Wonder where the money went? Calculate what it costs to support the use of cigarettes, alcohol and illicit drugs.
Find treatment anywhere in the U.S.
2004 National Drug Threat Assessment - Which drugs are the greatest threat to the U.S.?
Straight Facts About Drugs and Alcohol
Website from the California Department of Justice

Specific Drugs
Club Drugs
National Inhalants Prevention Coalition
NIDA Notes - Facts About Inhalant Abuse
A Parent's Guide to Preventing Inhalant Abuse

Personal Testimony
Club drugs

Parenting Programs

National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse
National Families In Action
National Family Partnership
Safe Homes
TOUGHLOVE ® International

Parenting Resource

Adult Children of Alcoholics 
Addiction Recovery Guide
Children, Youth and Families Education and Research
Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America
Interfaith News Network
Kid Source  
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
National Drug Use and Treatment Data
National Parent Information Network
National Registry of Effective Programs
Partnership Project to Reduce Tobacco Dependence
Pop Music Ratings


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