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Newspaper supplement

“Majority Rules” – a newspaper supplement that lets kids tell kids about the benefits of being drug-free – is now available for placement in community newspapers as well as daily newspapers. To find out how you can help make it happen in your community, send an e-mail query to

Send us your tips for parenting concerning kids and drugs.

New newspaper supplement
Nicotine-laced lollipops?
Just a plant?
Prove you're listening
Post a family calendar
All kids do NOT drink
Rules that help your kids
Marijuana's long-term effects
Alcohol-related deaths
Get the whole family involved
Know your kids' friends
Warn your kids early
Spring Break
Send a Valentine
State alcohol laws
Be involved
Monitor your kids' music
After-school activities
Workplace changes
More after school

After school
Kids and alcohol
Ties with grandparents
Involved grandparents
Doctor's questions
Eat together
Notice the good things
Grade-level support
Get involved

Rules for driving
Restrict night driving
Who's driving?
Listen to the music
Be a good example
Plan ahead for summer
Restrict R-rated movies
Dangerous mix
It's not too early!
Don't let kids smoke
Introduce great websites
Reach out
Traffic safety
Send a valentine
Revisit great websites
Family book club
Wait for kids who are out
Winter break
Holiday traditions
Alcohol and mortality
Internet usage
Confronting trouble
Eat together often
Involved in education
Family rules
Know the facts

Critical thinking
Teachable moments

Be there after school
 Teach at an early age
Practice refusal skills
Expect good behavior
Use time in the car
Be absolutely clear
Evening routine
Don't be afraid to ask


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