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The Atlanta Resolution
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American Cities Against Drugs (ACAD)

In the spring of 1995, National Families in Action and Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell, along with several federal agencies and private-sector groups, hosted the first American Cities Against Drugs Conference to oppose legalization and to help mayors develop positive policies to reduce drug abuse in their cities. Experts in prevention, education, research, treatment, law enforcement, and international drug control
assembled to acquaint mayors with the extensive array of resources available to help them.

ACAD continued an effort begun in Europe in 1994, when Carl Cederschoild, Mayor of Stockholm, called together European mayors to sign The Stockholm Resolution to oppose drug legalization in Europe and to embrace positive drug policies to reduce drug abuse in their cities. This effort was a direct response to a vote in the European Parliament the year before which fell just a few votes short of recommending that all member nations legalize drugs. Many of Europe's major cities have signed The Stockholm Resolution. Furthermore, their mayors formed European Cities Against Drugs to continue to gather more signatures and to help each other reduce drug abuse.

ACAD mayors signed The Atlanta Resolution. Hundreds of mayors since then have signed this document as well. Signing the resolution is an ongoing effort: any U.S. mayor may sign it to signify his or her city's opposition to legalizing drugs and commitment to reducing drug abuse and addiction with policies that balance prevention, education, research, treatment, law enforcement, and support for international drug control.


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