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Our Organization

National Families in Action is a 501-(c)-3 nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonreligious organization founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1977. Our mission is to protect children from addictive drugswith science, not spin. Children are particularly vulnerable to drugs that change the brain, because their brains undergo an intense period of development during adolescence and young adulthood and do not fully mature until they reach their mid-20s.

Our Programs

National Families in Action has pursued its mission in several unique ways. We helped lead the original Parent Movement that reduced illegal drug use among adolescents and young adults by two-thirds between 1979 and 1992. We are helping build the new parent movement, called PM 2.0. We publish The Marijuana Report website and its weekly e-newsletter, The Marijuana Report. Our Science Advisory Board has recorded 25 podcasts titled “What Do I Need to Know about Marijuana?” which are being released weekly throughout the rest of 2019.

We created Inner-City Families in Action and an after-school program, Club HERO, to help inner-city parents protect their children from addictive drugs. With Wake Forest University School of Medicine, we implemented the Addiction Studies Programs for Journalists and for the States. We held a special conference for Colorado and Washington leaders to help them protect children from marijuana. President Jimmy Carter keynoted the conference. We created the Parent Corps in 2003 with a $4.2 million grant to institutionalize the Parent Movement over three years. We have built a drug-information collection that tracks the science of addiction, the drug prevention movement, and the drug legalization movement since the 1960s.

We have published countless reports, newsletters, infographics, podcasts, and other kinds of media, including a nationally syndicated newspaper column through the 1980s, to educate the public about addictive drugs.

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Our Privacy Policy

We carefully guard the information you provide when you subscribe to The Marijuana Report e-newsletter, purchase a license to use The Marijuana Report Index, or donate to National Families in Action. We use MailChimp to send you The Marijuana Report. The information you provide when you subscribe goes to our private MailChimp account. We maintain the list of subscribers. If you purchase a license for The Marijuana Report Index or donate to National Families in Action via credit card rather than via a check, your information comes to us through our bank, Truist. We do not sell to others or share with others any information from these lists. When you sign the PM 2.0 Parent Pledge, your information goes to the website called RecLegalParenting.org, whose privacy policy you may wish to consult. Signing the pledge automatically enrolls you as a subscriber to The Marijuana Report e-newsletter.

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