About NFIA's Science Advisory Board

Educating the Public about the Science of Addictive Drugs

2019-2022 -- To help National Families in Action fulfil its mission, the organization has brought together a Science Advisory Board upon which sit world-renowned scientists in the addiction field. NFIA is pleased to have such high-caliber scientists willing to give their time to help the public understand what scientists know about addictive drugs.

Our first project is the creation of 25 podcasts in which the scientists answer a series of questions about the harmful effects of marijuana and the potential beneficial effects of some of its components. Scientists formulated the questions they felt the public needs to know about marijuana and then recorded their answers in the podcasts. Grants from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Newman's Own Foundation enabled NFIA and our Science Advisory Board to create this podcast series titled, “What do I need to know about marijuana”?

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