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2014-2022—The Marijuana Report Website and The Marijuana Report e-newsletter ended publication when National Families in Action ceased operations January 31, 2022. However, the website and past issues of the newsletter will remain live here https://themarijuanareport.org/ until January 31, 2023.

The Marijuana Report Website

In 2014, National Families in Action created a website called The Marijuana Report.org. The website tracks the science of the harmful effects of marijauna, the potential beneficial effects of some of its components, and the difference between the two.

The website also tracks the marijuana legalization movement.

And it tracks what families and communities are doing to prevent a commercial marijuana industry from targeting underage children, like the tobacco and alcohol industries have done historically.

In addition, the website publishes infographics showing marijuana use as well as illustrating key issues to educate the public. Browsers are encouraged to download NFIA infographics for free to

enhance their educational and prevention work.

Links to the hundreds of parent groups and community coalitions working across the nation to prevent the use of marijuana, alcohol, and nicotine by underage children are also provided on the Links page of the website.

Past issues of The Marijuana Report e-newsletter are also listed on the website as well.

The Marijuana Report Newsletter

The Marijuana Report e-newsletter is a free, weekly publication that is emailed straight to your inbox every Wednesday. It highlights key issues posted to the website the previous week, with an emphasis on newly published scientific studies and the consequences of legalization.

The Marijuana Report Index

The Marijuana Report Index is a searchable document that lists all articles published in The Marijuana Report e-newsletter since July 2014 by date, title, source, category, and link to the issue in which each summary appears. The Marijuana Report Index is now available free of charge.

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